A wide range of systems known for their durability,
their performances and aesthetics.


Our mission is to offer tailor-made acoustic

solutions to the specifiers and fit-out contractors

Whatever the constraints of your projects, we are able to provide an appropriate technical and bespoke solution.
Thanks to the flexibility of the systems we promote, custom-made is now affordable!


The solutions we promote

Timber slatted systems

A range of engineered suspended ceiling and wall cladding systems made of veneered plywood or solid timber slats. Available in a wide range of species and finishes.

AoT (Acoustic of Things)

Composed of recycled polyester, these acoustic baffles, wall coverings and cloud ceilings can be optimized to match the required performance and design intent.

Environmental consciousness


The quality of the products and finishes we offer is at the heart of our environmental concern. When selecting new products, the solutions must have the lowest possible environmental footprint.

Our choices are either guided by the proximity of the raw material used, or by the possibilities of minimizing the environmental impact of our activities. All the components of the systems we are promoting come from the European Union.

For all our ranges, an A+ rating certifies an extremely low level of volatile organic compounds releases. Our products also contribute to eco-construction processes (HQE, BREEAM and LEED).





Through a very wide range of solutions, we are able to fit any design intent with standard or bespoke solutions.




From the raw material supplies to the different industrial processes in our industry, we'll match your project's budget very early within the specification process.




The acoustic performance is expressed with alpha sabine as (coefficient of acoustic absorption) by frequency and and aw, single coefficient (performance depending on the ranges, up to aw = 1, 100% absorbing).

We keep available acoustic studies of the product ranges we promote. No matter what your project's constraints are, we will be able to offer a dedicated technical advise. And thanks to the flexibility of the manufacturing process of the products twe promote, a bespoke solution can sometimes prove itself to be affordable !


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