A range of post-construction products with unlimited colour finishes and configurations.


Recycled polyester fiber makes it possible to manage particularly attractive space layouts. They improve the acoustic performances in a very efficient way and allows to structure large spaces. They're sustainable and cost-effective.








- High quality products with very high acoustic performance even from the low frequencies

- Removable and washable fabric cover

- Different kinds of fixings that are always delivered as part of the products

- Great ability to offer bespoke shapes, color mix or digital printing to match any project's specification

- Acoustic and reaction to fire test reports available



Available in a wide range of colors and shapes, these modules add a touch of design while significantly improving interior acoustic comfort.

The available possibilities are numerous: suspended ceiling clouds, acoustic baffles, wall panels, partition walls, feel free to create your own. From your design intent, we produce, on demand, all kinds of shapes with finishes that always provide the best results to match your expectations.







Get bespoke acoustic panels to match your project !


Should you like natural features like stone, wood, mouldings, or a photography of your own, get in touch, we'll make it happen !


You can also use our printed Decowest system which is consisting of rods to be installed around the walls and a complex of polyester wadding lined with a textile coating.

This removable system is specifically designed for offices, hotels, health facilities and public places.








We also offer digital printing and Color mix is our new product (ability to mix different fabrics and colors on a single panel).
As a standard, we offer 4 types of fabrics, 130 colours, all at the same price (per size).


As French specialist in sound absorbing and decorative panels, mobiles and wall covering fabrics, TEMPO  can support you with your projects of acoustic comfort improvement through solutions that are easy and quick to install even in occupied premises.



All the fixing accessories are delivered as part of the system.


Here you can see a magneted panel that has been installed on a T grid system.


Easy to install, especially in occupied premises, our solutions improve well-being in open spaces and offices in general.


The fixing parts are usually cables when the panels are intented to be suspended, or rails when they're screw mounted to a wall or ceiling.


The fabric cover remains removable in any configuration.


CSTB absorption certification  aw = 1.

These acoustic panels reduce the reverberation time (Tr) of the premises. The Tr is reduced by the strong sound absorption of Tempo over the entire frequency range. This acoustic performance is expressed in alpha sabine as (acoustic absorption coefficient) by frequency and in aw single coefficient (aw = 1, 100% absorbent).



More pieces of information on TEMPO ACOUSTIQUE website :

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