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Recyclability or re-use of panels:

We offer an exclusive service of recycling or re-use of the wood systems that we provide. A majority of our panels can be integrated in a recycling circuit. The slats are planed, surface-treated and then used in the manufacture of new panels. The screws and the acoustic tiles are recycled in a specific circuit for metal and glass.
The products are collected free of charge by the contractor on site and the new panels get a discount on a future project, corresponding to the value of the recovered material.



Examples of systems made from upcycled random batten and staggered slats :


We also offer the possibility to design your panels from recovered slats from an existing site.
Give a second life to the wood used in your renovation, with the choice to change the design and finish according to your wishes. The panels to be changed are converted into new systems, the slats being used as raw material for the new products.




Full layout service:


We offer a full layout service so that you could rely on a trustful partnership with us. From the architect's detailed drawings, we will supply the panels' layout with its dedicated grid systems' drawings under DWG or IFC formats, enabling you to get the layout approvals in the best possible lead time for your project.

Maintenance and Guarantee:


You get the possibility to add on a maintenance service and an extended warranty period of 10, 15 or 20 years on our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Leasing service:


We also offer a leasing service if you'd prefer to change the design or finishes of your premises after a certain period of time. Rather than buying your interiors, rent them, we take care of everything! (removal / installation of systems according to your specifications, consult us to know the details of the contracts).



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