A range of sustainable and cost effective timber slatted panels for walls and ceilings


Our new range of panels allows you to match the regulatory requirements, together with anticipating the costs with a clear view from specification phase.


Take a chance to add a game-changing signature to your projects thanks to our sustainable and cost-effective products.



A flexible range of veneered plywood panels made for suspended ceilings and wall cladding installations and a great service :


- Standard and Bespoke panels available.

- The project's layout drawings will be delivered to your teams.

- Panels delivery on site with an installation start help.

- Installation guidelines delivered with the panels.


Braarup Design systems are an exclusive choice to enhance the acoustic environment and provide an elegant solution for architectural finishing.


Braarup Design modules comply with EN 13964 suspended ceiling and EN 14915 wood paneling and cladding.

The panels consist of slats screwed onto 12x50 mm plywood counter battens, stabilizing an acoustic fleece stapled from behind.

This module is available in 3 standard lengths : 2000 mm, 2400 mm et 2490 mm or bespoke length up to 2990 mm.

Flexural tensile strength of the panels is 1/B/50N/m2.




Approximative weight 14 - 30 kg / m² (depending on slats dimensions and gaps).

The slats  are usually produced with thicknesses comprised between 12 and 40 mm.


Numerous acoustic fleece colours available.


Examples of standard range overview



BD 303030


Slats size 30x30mm, gap between the slats 30mm

available for wall cladding, mechanichally fixed or suspended ceilings.



BD 213822


Slats size 21x38mm, gap between the slats 22mm

available for wall cladding, mechanichally fixed or suspended ceilings.



BD 422139


Slats size 42x21mm, gap between the slats 39mm

available for wall cladding, mechanichally fixed or suspended ceilings.



RANDOM 21 956842X


Slats size 21x95/68/42mm

available for wall cladding, mechanichally fixed or suspended ceilings.




Reaction to fire performance

The panels are produced with slats that are certified in Euroclass B-s1; d0 by autoclave impregnation according to EN 13501-1 and can also be available without any specific performance (D-s1; d0).

The fleece is made of glass fabric and is rated A1 according to EN 13501-1.


Environnement and indoor air quality

The factory runs under a CO2 NEUTRAL process. Heating and electricity are produced from renewable energies (wind power and re-use of production waste). It is certified « Klasse B » from the Danish Ecological Council which is an environmental and member organization that works for a sustainable transformation of society.

The systems are labeled E1 with regard to release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) according to EN 717-1 (release<3,5mg/(m²h).


Materials and finishings

Braarup Design panels are exclusively made from high quality wood from certified PEFC or FSC forests depending on the location of the resource and the species.

The panels are available in solid wood, plywood, LVL or Kerto depending on the project’s constraints. The real wood veneer finishes are available in different species such as ash, birch, oak or maple. The finish can be covered with a layer of lacquer (gloss 10, other rates are available) or a protective oil.



Available veneered timber species :



Available solid timber species :



Braarup Colors finishes on solid Pine :


BRAARUP COLORS finishes are pigmented stains. Certified hypoallergenic, they are based on 100% natural materials, without solvent or synthetic substances for a healthy indoor environment. These finishes have been labeled according to the AgBB protocol, meaning that 182 potentially harmful substances have been tested.


Type of product

Transparent or pigmented wood treatment, water-dilutable, environmentally friendly.

Medium gloss, no solvents, no biocides.

Consistent choice of ecological raw materials.


Technical properties of the stains used

Colorless stain only for indoors and non-weather surfaces.

VOC limit according to European Directive 2004/42 / EC II A (eWb): 130 g / l (2010). VOC content of the product: <10 g / l.

Tested according to DIN EN 71 Part 3, Safety for toys.

Tested according to DIN 53160, resistance to saliva and sweat.

Colored stain tested according to DIN EN 927 for dimensionally reduced dimensional timber.


Composition of the stains

Water, linseed oil, glycerol ester of rosin with organic acids, mineral fillers, surfactants based on rapeseed oil, mineral pigments, silica, drying agents (cobalt-free), sunflower oil, castor oil, carbon dioxide titanium.



Braarup Design Wood Panel Maintenance Instructions


Dust: The use of soft cloths or a vacuum cleaner with a soft tip and low suction effect is recommended to keep the wood panels clean against dust and dirt.

Slight soiling: To remove stains from wood panels, use a damp cloth and mild detergent but do not use too much water. Do not leave excess liquid on the surface, dry it thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use strong, abrasive or surface-combined cleaners, and do not use steel wool or other scouring sponges that may scratch the surface.

In case of damage, the panels must be replaced. The painted panels can be retouched with an identical paint, but they are likely to show color differences or over-gloss on the panel.

Product Warranty: We recommend that you inspect your wood panels at least once a year for service. If it is the surface of the blades, they can be slightly sanded or oiled, depending on the type of finish.

An extended product warranty of 6 to 20 years can be offered as part of a Braarup Design maintenance contract.


Full layout service


Depending on the size of the project, we offer a full layout service : from the architect's detailed drawings or reflected ceiling plan, we will supply the panels' layout with each bespoke size under DWG or IFC formats, enabling the contractors to get the layout approvals in the best possible lead time.


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